Jukt Micronics

Jukt Micronics

Founded in 1997, Jukt micronics is the nation's only software organization that is dedicated to science without any concern for financial gain. Fully funded by the jukt family, the software league develops tools that will help cure severe genetic diseases that do not impact sufficient people to otherwise be capitalized on by the pharmaceutical industry.

Inquiries can be directed to j_u_k_t@yahoo.com

Response to The New Republic

To the Editor: It is with great frustration that we read the article "Hack Heaven" which appeared in your May 18 issue.

It is important to set the record straight. There are four mischaracterizations that need correcting:

1) The hacker did not post the naked pictures to our website on the Internet. The pornography was posted to an internal system and was removed promptly after it was discovered. Furthermore, the pictures themselves were seen by so few that they were not of much concern. Integrity of our information was always the concern. If Mr. Glass had checked, he would have found that we do not maintain virtually any Internet presence. Posting pictures there would be impossible.

2) Please let the record show that we support legislation that criminalizes any invasion of another's computer. Everyday, we and many others waste countless resources keeping security tight rather than developing life-saving software.

3) To characterize Mr. Restil's arrangement as "protection money" is offensive. It was a scholarship for a brilliant young man.